Spiritual Leaders from the tribes of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia (Wiwa tribe – Mamos)  have called for global and tribal support to embark on an important pilgrimage to pay respect and offer earth payments in the Middle East in order to effect peace and alignment with natural systems both in predominantly Israel but also to other ecosystems on the planet.   These tribes understand quantum relations between matter and prayer and utilise technologies which balance energies through important ‘payments’ (pagamentos) at key times in locations, which become known through visions and prayers.


The work is began in May 2017 (see women’s pilgrimage page) with visits to key sites and with elders and spiritual leaders in the Middle East.   Divination and pagamentos in the Americas and Europe are also taking place to align the intentions.  The main delegation, to contain  spiritual leaders from  the Wiwa tribe is due to take place early in 2018.  These offerings and prayers from spiritual leaders of the Americas represent one of many global acknowledgments of the new times we are entering and the capacity for humans to align once more with nature and to evolve to a more heart-based consciousness.


The following screenshots show a little bit of the message from the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada.  If you would like to see the full message please contact morrispaul77@gmail.com to receive a video file with Julian Daza Malo, Secretary General of the Wiwa tribe outlining the importance of this pilgrimage. Videos will be sent by Wetransfer in batches on a weekly basis.
***There is a global cultural protocol that this video is NOT shared on social media but that it is screened in a way honouring tribal communications and discretion for preserving sacred tribal messages. We are grateful to you for honouring this protocol.

The elders have requested support for them to travel to make these necessary earth payments (which have not been made for a long time).  They also are seeking assistance to cover the preliminary costs for the relationship-building visit in May 2017 and visa application for travel to Europe and the Middle East.   Already the elders have begun as well to offer unique speaking and training events to raise supplementary income to match donations given to cover some of their food and daily expenses on the trip.

For links to some of our previous work delivered please check: The Elders Project


We require help with funding for;

Short term requirements

Visas for elders and team (includes transport and travel assistance to undertake visa application processes (ie several visits from remote places to capital cities with assistant fluent in national language) – MET

Reconnaissance missions and consultations in Israel (2 visits ) – These visits have happened and part of the funding has been recouped

Mid term requirements

Flights for elders and assistants

Longer term requirements

Expenses during 2 week pilgrimage (which will be subsidised by additional input given through elders fundraising events)

Documentation and tour support

Administration contingency

If you are making a donation please can you write the reference: Pilgrimage, with your offering. This will help us process and display the progress of fundraising on a weekly basis.

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For more information here is an audio clip of Vicky Sinclair talking about the project.


This is the Shefa abundance symbol received by Dvora Perlman in a vision. Dvora has over the years been organising Jerusalem Hug For Peace, who are involved with this project.

We are so grateful for any donations and you are welcome to share this at this point with trusted friends and family. If you have connections to any philanthropists or people who might want to assist the elders with organising fund raising events we would be delighted to hear from you. There will be opportunities for the elders to share their wisdom at some events before during and after the pilgrimage which will hopefully take place in October 2017.

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who is helping this pilgrimage take place.

At present we have raised £333 from your online donations, thank you to all of you who have donated. We have also raised £763 from the Huichols visit, thank you to everyone who attended the workshops. We have further raised £703 from the Wriggle For Water event in Manchester, thank you to all of those who joined in and shared this amazing event, pictures will be up soon.

We will be hosting more Wriggle For Water events here in Manchester soon, and we would love to hear from anyone interested in hosting a Wriggle event  in your town or city. If you are interested please contact Vicky so we can all Wriggle together connecting us to the planet and nurturing our healing as part of the grand awakening aligning us with the leylines and ecosystems.   Our events page also outlines more of the affiliated fundraising that has taken place – we are really calling on the global community to do what you can to assist the Senior Earthkeepers to do this important alignment work and prayer at this time.

This is the age of co-creation and together we can enable this vision to become a reality for the healing of all beings and ecosystems on the planet. If you would like to get involved please contact: vickysinclair@gmail.com